The Lyric Diction Workbook Series  (Click on image to view sample pages)

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Introduction to vocal concepts

utilizing English transcription

​rules according to Marshall

Vowel and Consonant Wheels

3D IPA Braille Tablet

The IPA Braille Tablet gives students and teachers easy access to IPA symbols by providing visual and tactile symbols (pictured to the right). Contact S.T.M. Publishers for purchase. Click on the blue button "IPA Braille System" for a free digital version.

New in 2019:

Fourth Edition


​Musicianship training utilizing

phrases from Italian, German,

​and French art songs


10 additional units to include 

English lyric diction


Vocalic harmonization in detail

​​IPA Braille Art Song Database

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Workbooks for the Abbreviated Study  (Click on image to view sample pages)

New in 2019:

Second Edition

Supplemental Resources

Syllabus Schedules

Workbooks for Private and Class Voice  (Click on image to view sample pages)

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