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Exploring Art Song Lyrics, published by Oxford University Press, contains more than 750 Italian, German, and French art song lyrics transcribed by Cheri Montgomery. Her method transcription and review charts are  published in the appendix.
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The Lyric Diction Workbook Series

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Comments from Instructors


Hi Cheri! I finished my first semester in May, using your lyric diction materials. I had the challenge of teaching IPA of five languages (Italian, German, French, Latin, and English) in one semester. It was a difficult challenge, however, your text books made the process easy for me to teach and simple for the students to learn. I saw amazing results in my students. I love how the text puts most of the work on the student and turns the classroom into a lab setting. I also received positive feedback from the students regarding your integration of English IPA throughout the book. This is a concept that I found unique and it worked well in my class. Thank you for all of your help and advice as I prepared to teach my class! ~ Emily Douglas, Adjunct Professor of Voice, Spring Arbor University, 06/12/18


Singer's Diction for Braille Readers FB announcement: This  is awesome!! Thank you, Cheri!!! I have used Cheri Montgomery's materials for quite some time now. When I needed to find accommodations for my one Braille reading student, Cheri's materials were a tremendous help to both my student and me. Diction made possible for my student!!! It was a great joy!!! And huge gift to us!! ~Nereida Garcia, music, voice, and diction instructor at Texas A&M University, 11/10/2019


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Workbooks for the Abbreviated Study

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The Singer's Daily Practice Journal

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