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A Singing Approach
to Speech Therapy

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A Sketchbook Atlas of the Vocal Tract

A Sketchbook Atlas of the Vocal Tract is designed to help students gain articulatory awareness. It was written for singers, but has a broad range of practical applications. The visual-based approach makes it ideal for speech therapy or ESL studies. Readers discover accurate pronunciation by learning how breath and tone flow through the unique vowel and consonant formations of the English, Italian, German, and French languages. Sketch pages engage students in the learning process.

Topics are organized according to point of contact. The first unit contains an overview of articulatory phonetics. Following units guide the reader through the major contact points: from bilabial consonants and front vowel formations, to glottal consonants and back vowels formations. Vowels unique to English, German, and French are introduced in the final units. Access to full color images, enunciation instructions, links to audio examples, and sketch pages are included.

The Singer's Daily Practice Journal


Textbook, workbook, journal, and assessment/assignment planner are combined in one resource for private or class voice. Each section of the 15-week journal contains manuscript paper for recording weekly lesson notes and assignments. A check-list of vocal concepts is included. This gives the teacher the ability to direct students to the precise concept (with lesson and page number) that requires attention for the week. Space is provided for the student to record progress and log daily practice times.

Vocal concepts in this text are discussed using the IPA. The symbols selected represent an elegant manner of pronunciation as recommended by Madeleine Marshall, author of The Singer’s Manual of English Diction. Space is provided beneath the IPA for students to supply the English translation. This approach gives students the opportunity to hear proper English and complete a daily written assignment. The newly released instructor's manual/independent study contains the answer key. The newly released student manual does not contain an answer key. Interactive slides are included.

About the Author

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Please feel free to contact
me directly via FB.

Cheri Montgomery

Author and Lecturer, Vanderbilt University

Cheri Montgomery teaches English, Italian, German, and French Diction at the Blair School of Music at Vanderbilt University. She was a mentor voice teacher and featured presenter for the National Association of Teachers of Singing 2019 Summer Workshop at St. Olaf College. She offers post graduate instruction to voice teachers, diction instructors, and coaches in her Lyric Diction Workshop held each summer at Vanderbilt University.

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