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Grade 1 Braille Readings was created for adult readers who wish to learn braille. It is available in hard copy and digital formats. Access to a refreshable braille display is required for the digital version. Active links facilitate easy navigation throughout the document. Audio and tactile indications communicate transition points between "text to voice" and reading from the refreshable braille display. The content is uniquely designed to help singers interested in studying Montgomery's braille phonetic system: IPA Braille for Lyric Diction.

Braille hard copy version          Digital version

Resources Promoting Braille Literacy

​​IPA Braille Art Song Database


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  Textbooks designed for use with a refreshable braille display ​         *Audio links included


    Vocal Concepts with English Transcription        Italian, German, French, Latin Enunciation     English, Italian, German, French, Latin transcription           English transcription and lyric diction

   IPA Vowel Chart

The IPA Braille Vowel Chart provides visual

and tactile symbols giving students and

teachers easy access to the IPA. Click on "Building Instructions" for a free guide. Click on the blue buttons "IPA Braille Chart" for a digital version which includes all symbols.

Instructor's Manual                                                   Instructor's Manual

Resources for Braille Readers

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