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 Vocal Concepts with English Transcription           Italian, German, French, Latin Enunciation               English transcription and lyric diction

IPA Braille for Lyric Diction

Students read phonetic content

using a refreshable braille display.

The symbols selected are accessible

by both the sighted and the blind. The

new phonetic system will be published

in the Nov./Dec. 2020 issue of the

Journal of Singing. Student manuals

are available as eBooks through Kindle.

The instructor's manual  facilitates equal

access in the classroom. Click on the

yellow button for purchase of the

instructor's manual..

Resources for Braille Readers

   IPA Vowel Chart

The IPA Braille Vowel Chart provides visual

and tactile symbols giving students and

teachers easy access to the IPA. Click on "Building Instructions" for a free guide. Click on the blue buttons "IPA Braille Chart" for a digital version which includes all symbols.

 Click on image to view poster presentation

​​IPA Braille Art Song Database


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